Tuesday, October 27

Alias' Law

"If halfway through a movie it would be improved by a zombie apocalypse, it is a bad film".

This is something I have came up with a few weeks ago, and although it was more of a joke at first I have found it to be really useful. I've actually had discussions with people about films based on this rule, and thrust me: it works. Try imagining that during a standard Ben Stiller comedy he would get torn to shreds by hordes of the undead. Better film, non?

It is not about the zombies, of course. They are just there because they are so easy to imagine. The point is whether with half the film in your mind, do you give a damn about the survival of any of these people? It might be cruel to say, but sometimes having the main characters getting munched to death would be much more fun to watch than having them play the rest of the movie.

This will from here on be referred to as Alias' Law, and will definitely be mentioned a lot from this point.

Keep up the good work, Zombies.


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