Monday, November 30

22 Movies Every Film Geek Must Have Seen, Part 8

This movie doesn't contain a single weak moment. Not one. And trust me, I have looked.
This film is pretty unique in that it's one of the only ones men are allowed to cry at without handing in their man cards. The story nor the setting are desperately original, but what it does it does literally to perfection.
If you liked this, may I suggest: Gran Torino, The Green Mile, both for their genuinely affecting and sensitive stories without becoming weak.

One of the most nail-biting films ever made, this dark tale of crime delivers big time on everything a thriller should have. An exiting and gripping story? Check. A likable protagonist? Check. A creepy villain? Check, and double check for one of the greatest villains ever, Hannibal Lecter.
If you liked this, may I suggest: Se7en, for it's atmosphere, and The Usual Suspects for it's twisted storytelling.

Perhaps the ultimate "Dark Action Movie". Besides a cool setting with awesome locales and one of the baddest asses in the business, Terminator II manages to merge genuine substance with it's enormously over-the-top action, something not many movies pull off.
If you liked this, may I suggest: The Bourne Trilogy is an obvious choice. I feel almost ashamed to include the first Die Hard, because you are officially not entitled to own testicles until you have seen that one.

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