Wednesday, November 18

Butterfly: TED

Okay okay. The last post was pretty damn emo. But I won't apologize. I do sincerely believe in everything I said. But I think that anyone who ever met me will agree that I'm not a very brooding person. How come?

I think this might have to do an awful lot with TED. TED is a conference that is held yearly in America. The name stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design and people from these fields gather to tell each other about their work. And it is AMAZING. Trust me: describing TED is the most appropriate use for that word I know, just above the fact that porcupines can piss 2 meters far and use this as a mating ritual.

Every TEDtalk (as they're called) takes about 18 minutes, but never really much more. Famous people like Jane Goodall, Al Gore and Malcolm Gladwell have speeched at TED. But no-one will be able to deny the jaw-dropping brilliance, wit and charm of people like Hans Rosling or Steven Pinker once they've seen them.

These are the people that make me confident that we can make it.

See for yourself:

And these are just three of them, picked more or less at random. This is what keeps me from suicide.

Keep up the amazingly good work, TEDsters.


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