Friday, November 20

Citizen Kane and Planet Terror

Video night last Tuesday. It was pretty damn cool, just getting wasted and watching weird movies till 4 in the morning.

We started off with Citizen Kane, which kind of disappointed me. I mean, this is supposed to be the best film ever made, yet the story was kind of bleak if you ask me. The lightning was pretty awesome, though.

As we ran out of beer and had to start with all kinds of leftover wine, I popped in Planet Terror. And let me tell you: it was AWESOME. Yes, that is all-caps bold italic. I wasn't really expecting much of this one since it was released together with the incredibly boring Death Proof, but it BLEW MY MIND. Seriously, I know I tend to get exited over films easily, but for a filmlover this is the most fun you will have with your clothes on in a loooong time. This flick is both completely ridiculous and genuinely badass. Both really really cliched and really really fun to watch. It's also a film that doesn't get worse if you constantly comment on it, which makes it perfect for getting-wasted-and-watching-movies-nights. DON'T MISS OUT ON THIS ONE.

Above: Holy Shit

So, tonight is another videofest. I am thinking about Being John Malkovich and Once Upon a Time in Mexico, in that order. Let's see what will happen.

Keep up the good work, Robert.


P.S. Greatest remark of the night, on Bruce Willis: "Waar een Willis, is een weg".

EDIT: Snap, I completely forgot to include my usual music video. To make up, here is a non-musical video that still kicks monumental amounts of ass.


  1. Maybe you need to rewatch Citizen Kane with the chapter in Film Art next to it. It is an amazing film, in part because of it's bleakness. Charles Foster Kane is a hollow. And we go around the world (metaphorically) to figure out just that: there is nothing there to figure out.

  2. I didn't say it was a BAD film, I probably just didn't grasp it. I am not that arrogant as to say that pretty much every film critic in the world is wrong. I was just a little disappointed by the fact that it was not very much fun to watch.