Saturday, December 5

22 Movies Every Film Geek Must Have Seen, Part 3

Perhaps the ultimate geek film. The legacy of Batman has really come to life in the hands of Cristopher Nolan, who went for a "realistic" approach of the saga. It paid off beautifully. The story, the action and the characters are all strong, but the real reason to see this one is of course... Oh, come on. Like you don't already know.
If you liked this, may I suggest: Batman Begins, obviously. But for another great comic-book-turned-movie you should definitely check out Sin City.

Oh, the controversy. Everyone and their dog will be crying bloody murder: "Why not The Godfather as the best Maffia movie? Why not Goodfellas?" Well,
because I liked this one about a million times more.
The setup is actually pretty original, with not one but two rats: one from the cops in the mob and one from the mob with the cops. The story is pretty gripping as well. The ending contains quite a twist, and it actually made me angry within the film. That's not something I have experienced often.
If you liked this, may I suggest: The Godfather and Goodfellas, of course.

Or: why people are evil bastards, by Lars von Trier. The entire film is set on what seems to be a stage with barely any props: the houses are outlined with paint on the floor. And that is perhaps the least of your worries. This is one of those films that just grabs you, and it tells you a hell of a lot about people in the progress.
If you liked this, may I suggest: Festen for the Dogme-95 style, Blue Velvet for another portrayal of the void that lies beneath the facade that is society.

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