Monday, December 7

22 Movies Every Film Geek Must Have Seen, Part 1

Becoming a film geek is no easy task.

You have to watch lots of films, you have to be able to analyze them and form a good opinion, and even think about WHY you like your favorite film so much.

But what is perhaps most difficult is deciding which films to watch. There are endless lists with great classics, but lots of those are impossible to be found. And should your endeavor for the magnificence of cinema finally land you with a masterpiece, the fates might just so decide that no-one in your surroundings have ever heard of the damn movie.

So, to lift this anguish from future geeks, I decided to put together a list. A list of films who encompass most of the popular genres in films. If you have seen all 22, you will have at least an inkling of what is out there. Mind you: this is not a list of my favorite movies, nor is it definitive. I'm open to suggestions (comments!) and I might edit the list.

But what I do know is that I really liked all these movies. Although you might not become a film geek afterwards, you will at least be entertained by the flicks on this list.

To kick off:

This is really a film to be loved. The warm colors, Audrey Tatou's large brown eyes and one of the best film scores ever contribute to an atmosphere that is slightly bizarre, but leaves you thoroughly happy. A feel-good movie in the true sense of the word, this one is impossible to dislike.
If you liked this, may I suggest: You might say there is an entire school of thought that delivers the same bizarre-but-warm atmosphere as Amelie. The best examples I have seen of this style have to be The Science of Sleep and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

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  1. Yay, I watched Amelie and FREAKIN LOVED it! So, am I on the way to integrate in the weird ass world of film geeks yet? :P