Sunday, December 6

22 Movies Every Film Geek Must Have Seen, Part 2

This is perhaps the only film I know about racism that isn't either racist or pussy-whipped. This movie means business, and we'll know it. If you can take the incredibly gruesome stuff that happens here, you'll find a portrait about race in modern society that never gets moralistic. Instead, it just shows what happens, from both sides of the spectrum. The judgement is up to you.
If you liked this, may I suggest: For the atmosphere and because they are great films, I can heartily recommend One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest and The Wrestler.

This biting portrait of American society won't leave you happy, but it will surely spark discussion afterwards. Moore isn't somebody who carefully wants to weigh different opinions against each other. He is a sledgehammer. But one that will certainly hit you in the guts.
If you liked this, may I suggest: Besides other Moore films, I can only compare his style with that of South Park. Watching South Park is awesome for your geek creds, as well.

A classic in every sense of the word. This film's greatest strength might just be how much fun it is to watch nowadays. It might now be really original, but it is still funny, charming and exciting. Check it out.
If you liked this, may I suggest: Well, lots of classics out there. My other favorite of the time is 12 Angry Men, but The Malthese Falcon, Citizen Kane, North by Northwest and The Seventh Seal are also iconic.

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